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i. a cease fire in series these two going to ends in failure for a second day that is russia's reconciliation sends a terrorist says terrorists shelling is preventing hundreds of civilians from leaving the enclave. also come the sound see the russian olympic committee confirms the country has been reinstated as an i.o.c. member after remaining protests from the winter olympics proved negative on the belgium government faces a backlash over plans to make it easier for police to raid homes how using migrants you speak to one woman whose home was raided after she took in a sudanese teenager. and i saw seven and one woman coming in the door pushing me aside and calling her asking me are you along i really have to question
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her as a terrorist that something from a terrible happened. i welcome it seven pm here in moscow you're watching r.t. international now a humanitarian pause in syria needs to go to has been broken by terrorist for a second day according to the syrian reconciliation center that's after safety corridors established by russia came under heavy shelling from militants preventing civilians from leaving the besieged district a correspondent from r.t. arabic is at the sic. the second day of the truce we haven't seen any civilians walking through the corridor it's known that there are many civilians who want to flee their own place to live through the one and only corridor open for civilians from glitter however militants prevent civilians from exiting and don't allow. to leave through the evacuation route to reach the road to damascus the
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militant positions are just three or four hundred meters from the corridor or near the camp or far off and in the syrian government has distributed leaflets amounts of aliens on the outer controlled and place with detailed information and a map on how to get into the area under government control we can see that everything is ready here to receive civilians and to deal with any difficulty menteri and situation. the damascus suburb which is under the control of rebel and terrorist groups to say no uptick in violence this month the un security council unanimously adopted a month long cease fire resolution across the country on saturday and additionally russia also sponsored a five hour daily truce to help civilians escape the fighting in eastern greater flight amid putin has been discussing the latest situation there or he's more aghast here has more to tell us glad to be a putin can order just that the situation is both complicated and difficult he said
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that there are civilians innocents in east ghouta who are being used captors hostages and being used as human shields by their radicals and terrorists who are also the least good. decision you might look unfortunately there are lots of extremist forces in eastern guta risk was a range of terror organizations recognized by the un the shelling is continually coming from that area on some days the number of missile strikes and mortar shell attacks which is fifty to eighty they even reach the territory of the russian embassy should we tolerate this indefinitely of course not the unilateral cease fire that the syrian army and the right their russian allies have implemented that the unilateral cease fire along a humanitarian corridor or established by the said parties in east due to allow civilians to leave well that cease fire has been sort of. aided by the rebels for
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a second day in a room spoiled tool room which ever way you want to put it being shelled the humanitarian crossing twice now for two days in a row so people haven't been able to leave the latest batch of people three hundred civilians in all who were ready who were prepared to use this crossing to get out of had to abort their return because again there was shelling five shells i gather landed on the humanitarian crossing nevertheless despite all these efforts that have been put in place that have been tried to ease the suffering of civilians and we scooted to get them to leave to allow them to leave there's still a lot of criticism from western part was towards russia diplomatically and militarily moscow plays both arsonist and firefighter fueling tensions among all parties in syria then serving as an arbiter to resolve disputes attempting to undermine in the weaken each party's bargaining positions russia has placed this
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progress at risk with their activities which are not focused on defeating isis russia's interests in syria are russia's interests that comment caused quite a widespread reaction with many saying that it was the pentagon that flooded syria with weapons many of those weapons ending up in the hands of extremists and terrorists but russian foreign minister sergei lavrov also raised his own counter criticisms he said that it is unacceptable that some member nations that sydney human rights council not ready meaningfully to condemn international terrorism in any of its forms he said it's an except to build a separate terrorist into good and bad categories especially where the division is based on the declared goals of these terrorists or who their financial backers up but also said that russia will continue to back syria as it clears its country its territory all of these extremist. regardless of what flag they're fighting on
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the. part is more against the of reporting there were let's get the thoughts now professor of political sociology from the american university of curry he's dr saeed today and he's very welcome thanks for coming on to r.t. this evening firstly just to get your reaction to what that u.s. general said he claimed that russia is being both arsonist and firefighter in syria what are your views on that. well we have to understand why you first americans in syria they have not been officially invited by the legitimate syrian government in damascus they have no business to be inside syria they have no business in providing our american meat. to not only the syrian rebels but also foreign mercenaries who are working inside syria to topple the regime since two thousand and eleven. this is who is playing with fire the one who
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was doing that was file is old was providing weapons who is providing who is financing them who is providing media coverage for them and trying to show that what is happening in iraq is. is a big must of innocent people were asked what do you what the. about what they care about is the those whom they had supplied whom they had financing whom they had been breathing in the last few years and now they have lost the war but they don't have the same to admit that they lost the war to was do they just keep on bargaining and making all those claims but the truth cannot be hit in any way and i think a lot of people in the area began to realize what is the story behind the war in syria the story behind the war in syria was that gas coming from a caused by force so that it reaches you and undermine the russian gas supplies to
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europe this is the whole issue it is not about islam it is not about extremism it is about guess it's against war but we shouldn't get serious about islamic states isn't it because they're a global problem that it took a foothold in syria the u.s. the syrian government today is not doing enough to counter islamic islamic state he think many people believe that. the syrian government is defending. it's own capital the syrian government is using one of the worst operations for supported and finance and why many regional and international powers it is also facing a big international campaign to discredit it to demoralize it as if the syrian government is a want that the sawing not palm invade. nuclear weapons in japan and the one responsible for all the destruction in the middle east from libya to iraq to yemen
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. again we have to go back to two thousand and eleven and how this syrian government will sift sufficient in many many ways there was a lot of popularity for the regime don't expect to be the. democratic haven like you up on the west. in the west emerged after many centuries in the middle east it is still emerging and the people according to the circumstances you cannot compare the situation the situation in syria with sweden all of canada all australia but at the same time what what was happening in syria at that time before two thousand and eleven was therefore like what is happening today we never saw half of the half of the syrian population refuse all over the world we did not see the destruction of syria like what we seem to be if you look if anybody is looking at the scenes from syria today you are looking like who is she. you are not looking at the city look
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at what happened also to tripoli libya what happened to evoke what happened to yemen is that american democracy that you want to impose on the area. again you want to destroy the area and you claim that this is the moccasin no this is the structure and you and you and you and on the pretext of human rights and democracy women's human rights we're all the syrian people today side. thoughts on this we're going to have to wrap it up but there was a dr site cd can he's a professor of political science the only g. at the american university of cairo i thank you. now there's been plenty of talk about eastern ghouta to you on a social media with journalists and commentators sharing photos from the conflict zone however in our report and everything is as it seems. two heartbreaking photos posted with the words this is syria except it's not actually syria one is from mosul in iraq and the other is from the israeli bombing of gaza
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now it's been raised in the comments that it's not actually syria but regardless this post by some guy in cleveland has tens of thousands of reach we decided to find out how many people here in new york would be ready to reach wieder share this with jury tweet that. i led i don't typically use twitter but. maybe you know it just seems sixth like very politically motivated without have any having any serious message behind it i definitely wouldn't i mean. just because there are horrors happening everywhere and i don't know if twitter is the proper forum for it anyways yes i would and why i'm half palestinian and this is the same thing that's going on in my country interestingly and this is mosul in iraq and that is gaza. so it's not actually syria you know but it's equivalent the same type of things are going on in syria it's kind of just inform and it might not be you know to a t. informative but it's getting the message across that even if these pictures are
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someplace else it's ok do you think that you by that i mean to some extent yes if you think that it actually it's like taking initiative then i feel like the pictures don't really matter i think the real issue is scary and sad enough that we don't need to you know misinformed people to have real journalism to have real information and verify you know content with this be fake news have a fake i mean part of why i don't use twitter is because of the information fabrication that exists and also has it in about facebook for its exact reason you can't trust anything anymore and it's a sad state of the world now the saddest part is that some commenters say they don't actually care what they say people are dying in syria aren't they facts don't matter that's how things are in the post truth world caleb mop and artsy new york. in other news this evening the russian olympic committee has not confirmed that the international olympic committee has reinstated russia as
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a full member. read the statement was tied to the. russian athletes who participated in the winter olympics the letter we received today says the i.o.c. is able to confirm all remaining results of the olympic athletes from russia. because it is huge news for russia and certainly a step in the right direction as we all know russia has been involved in a long running doping scandal accused of state sponsored doping and there have been huge repercussions because of that one being russia being kicked out of the international and pick committee so this decision is absolutely key for the future of russia's future global sporting activities if we look at another result of the alleged doping is going. to state sponsored doping many of russia's experienced athletes in the winter olympics just gone by in china were unable to compete compete and those who were allowed to compete could only do so under the neutral flag and they weren't allowed to play the national anthem if they won medals so
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they were mainly newcomers and they didn't do too badly actually they were seventeen medals overall sure i mean this isn't just a short stories i mean this is a long journey that russia has been on trying to get reinstated. looking back at the last you know russians out to complete independence there so it's taken a long time hasn't it for this to finally happen yeah there were expectations that russia actually was going to be reinstated during the games but actually what happened was two out of one hundred sixty nine of the competitors were found they tested positive actually for doping crucial netsky and so. this of course affected the closing ceremony as well the fact that those two did test positive originally they were going to be allowed to wear the flag during the closing ceremony but that was banned as well. but the decisions being made they've ever come up minor hiccup and they have been reinstated into the international olympic
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committee it's not the end of the road andy because. also is the ongoing problems with usada they were banned by water that's the russian anti doping agency and waters the anti doping agency that is at a stalemate at the moment there's a dispute going on we saw a lot lost its accreditation because of this ongoing saga russia has disputed the mclaren report that's the report that basically states that there was this alleged systematic state sponsored doping i should deny it what evidence is that russia basically accept those findings so that it's ongoing but let's focus on the good news it means athletes in the future from russia will be able to compete with with their flag and the national anthem in. there speaking to me yearly well i also discussed the issue with russia baseball show host alan moore he believes the focus of anti-doping agencies will now shift away from russia to their own respective
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countries this is something that i think how to happen because most of the guidelines that the i.o.c. set down for the russian victory to be have been met and i think that it's very very good news for sport in general because you know ok there were two very loose for russian athletes but we know big quickly quickly took care of themselves which i think showed a great deal of respect for europe experience that these people were removed from the camp right now there are dissenting voices there are people who are a little bit angry does too soon versions of the service they would see it in any case are no punishment would be too harsh for russia from their point of view simply because as long as the russians are the bad ones their houses or even order but now we've got to start to look around and see who else is a little bit dirty. now still to come the belgian government decides to make it easier for police to raid refugees but it does spark
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a backlash from have the details on that just off the. everybody i'm stephen ball. hollywood guy suspects every crowd american interests george bush and r.v. . this is my buddy max bemis financial guru just a little bit different. no one knows with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the brood have fun every day americans. and we start to bridge the gap this is the great american. moment we've had the period of fake the flame. engineer by all the central banks of
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the day don't have the control that they think that they have and once you start to see this being picked up in markets like the gold market and others you know you've got to start to see it feed on itself in a big way. welcome back the belgian government is facing a backlash over plans to make it easier for police to raid homes and refugees the draft bill will being considered it would help to says private home suspected of sheltering unauthorized migrants shouted to be meets one local who suffered a right. when the new tourist jungle camping cali was torn apart thousands of migrants scattered many came here to brussels it was meant to be a pit stop instead for many it's become
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a permanent as belgians have opened their arms and their homes to my currents though for some that's brought its own perils five o'clock in the morning i heard the door. was kind of a shocker with sleeping in so i wake up with a look and i ring flow in my belly and i can the nurse a nurse who is it is ok but i had no idea were you really i didn't know throughout the governor friendly and i saw seven man and one woman coming in the door pushing me aside going to her but asking me are you along yes i am a lot it was the case but really they went into the lobby when the the other side wanted to see if nobody was i would really have the impression i was a terrorist that something truly terrible happened sixteen year old mohammed migrant from sudan is the reason the police came around six months ago he was sleeping rough at brussels maximillian park if police going to park my somalia here
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only going to catch people they sleep there. five o'clock that morning everybody sleep they all you will see a police front of you if you. didn't for the take you would deliver even just wait there wait there used to be you. because they want they want you. very but they don't want anybody marketing media and so when i came i saw in such a state it was really really you know lee's sixth in and he was there at least already for two weeks knows where to sleep along this path with some friends and nothing so i said ok i'm home in august last year i spent the night at maximum park it was clear it had become
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a transit point that thousands had already passed through fearing that a new callee could emerge the government began a program of raids and arrests well for now mohammed has a roof over his head it looks like the government is making a new play in a bid to evict migrants like him it's due to vote on plans to allow police to search private homes suspected of sheltering unauthorized migrants that's provoked outrage oh god yet some are worried that while many migrants are in need of aid others have more sinister looted some terrorists have used fake i.d.'s some terrorists have posed as michael and seeking asylum what concerns do you have about letting people into your home of course the risk of zero does not exist so i cannot tell you that i will be one hundred percent
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sure that they are not the hardest of course but the process of maker and that after our eyes is so little. foote a new york hosting mohammed has so far been a rooting experience for mohammed it's changed his life how different is your life now compared to what it was just a few months ago three hundred sixty degrees like the serbs and like that. every so often. i health family. i mean the family and really for me for me. or for me i have for i was. i have fidel despite his good fortune mohammed says his family back in sudan always in his heart. so now while you are there were ever a lot while they were laying over here
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a hundred luck a lot of oil on the lam why should our mother glow value not that our other guests in charlotte along with and she were. charlotte even ski r.t. brussels. angela merkel has acknowledged the problem of so-called no go zones in germany it is the first time the chancellor has made certain admission with more details his piece or all of. we've seen an unexpected change of tack from the burkle when it comes to talk of no go areas in germany and in no go there should not be any no go zones there can be no places where nobody dares to go by these zones exist and they should be named and something must be done about it. burkle had previously used the same injury phrase no go area to describe parts of the country with a high crime rate but that rate has been going up the government's own figures
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released earlier this year point to a ten percent rise in violent crime between twenty fifteen and twenty sixty ninety percent of which is attributed to young male refugees there was criticism of last year of the way the german media covered the refugee crisis in a highly respected group of researches said this editors acted as a public educators and that the whole refugee crisis in the arrival of hundreds of thousands of people was covered in too favorable a light. that . the
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only people who had been talking about no go areas were alternative for germany and they were bound mocked for doing so are common enough that's all guns are lying can you as a woman walk alone on vaal show streets on a weekend evening would you do it will pause for show or nearby streets and then they say and make it look like we are the aggressive ones they say bad things about the city no what we do is look at things. in perspective what we do is simply address facts and facts only ladies and gentlemen. but here's the thing in order to secure a ruling coalition angela merkel has been trying to wean over the right wing of her conservative alliance should try to secure that for the chancellor she may well be thinking that taking a step towards the sunshine policy of alternative to germany could help get those hardliners back onside with peter all of our. german media
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claims it is the biggest cities that are worst affected with criminals taking over entire neighborhoods police commander physical assault to insearch areas which are reportedly run by ethnic gangs political scientists. that some neighborhoods are no longer recognizable it's not no longer the case that every person can move freely around just as he or in particular she wants because we hear of neighborhoods insidious which look not like being in germany but like in a different country if you look at some cities like the northern parts of or of door to more like parts of duce book like parts of the lean then for some neighborhoods it's really a problem and this truth is locked right they'll come to be frank on this point we have problem arising out of drug criminality but immigration is a part of the whole problematic phenomenon. so that reach up to that without
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a thanks be company deceiving don't forget we've got plenty more stories stories for you to our website at. the. was. not. worth. the in the.
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whole existence to yourself to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president injury. or something want to be preached . to the right to be first that's what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested in the waters and. fish soup. in some american cities the police have killed themselves calling to ricky to. people who walk on the streets of the united states who are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that people are no more afraid of police than if . you can see something happening in this is like i don't want to call the cops let that happen rather than call the cops in those young black men lose their lives chasing the owner with that thing goes on the
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trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to got so bad unfortunately around iraq here we end up killing our guns a lot the death toll from so much because she was whisked to like when we. were here earlier this year here or here or here or i did hear her what her fear was are there for her or her or her here or down her or her or your more or very very more it's ok they're in a more home or her and her and her. ok here in your home or her home.
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or. her or your or her. this is a middle aged man bargain a for sex with a teenage refugee from syria. according to unicef there are more than eighteen thousand under-age refugees in greece and one in five of them is here alone. many went for hell to get here and that's hell continues for. some teenagers in the heart of athens where they now sell their forty's to make ends meet these are their stories. a very nice to move to our goal from this is to know all of the stuff that's in syria and how old are you and.


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